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Post this meme in your journal
1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal this community!*

*Not to say that posting to your own journal is frowned upon. It absolutely is not! This community serves as a place for people to come together, post all forms of work and squee (writing, fanart, mixes, vids, meta, fanfic, what-have-you) and generally get the ball rolling on a whole bunch of fantastic original work. Welcome, and enjoy!

Villains S2

Jul. 8th, 2014 03:29 pm
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And not too far behind schedule, either!

Villains S2

SUMMARY: 1974. Ten months after his driver and -- unbeknownst to him -- his wife attempted to unseat Terry Marsh from his position as ruler of Lynchester's criminal underworld, the Firm is getting its feet again with the aid of Big Eddie Acton, a legendary porn producer back in town with big ideas. However, the consequences of past actions are proving increasingly difficult to dodge -- as are Terry's still-mutinous wife, his restless subordinates, and an unexpectedly compelling new business associate.

TAGLINE: The boys are back.

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I was getting nostalgic for all the [community profile] isurrendered  business, so I thought I'd dig my show back out and update it (not to mention that in the LJ/DW shift and with changes in image hosting, all my pictures went away, oops). So here it is once again. Anyone have fic ideas? Because I am shipping some of these like crazy...

PROMPT: A show about the beginnings of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Can be historically AU if wanted (from 
[personal profile] be_themoon )
SHOW: The Diogenes Boys
GENRE: Crime procedural/historical drama. I played merry hell with some timeline issues, but it was too good a framing idea to pass up.
FORMAT: Each season has 22 episodes of about 50 minutes each. Rumors had been that CBS has originally wanted it to continue ratings boosts for Criminal Minds and CSI, but deals fell through after the first award-winning season. The show was then picked up for its second season by BBC America as part of the "Crime-Stopping Wednesdays" and paired with Ripper Street and Copper. Hey, a girl can dream...


In 1871, an all-consuming inferno raced through the city of Chicago. It burned for two whole days, leaving hundreds dead and over four square miles of the city leveled to the ground. The resulting chaos completely severed all lines of communication between the home office of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the small number of agents that worked out of the Philadelphia office, a city referred to in the agency cypher code as "Diogenes". Together these Pinkerton detectives solve crimes the police are unable (or unwilling) to touch. Will their biggest case yet--infiltrating and breaking the notorious Molly Maguires gang--unify them, or will hidden loyalties and dangerous circumstances drive them fatally apart?

OPENING CREDITS: Gravel Walk - The Rogues
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TITLE: Villains

PROMPT: None. Really, I just got bored.
TYPE: Period gangster drama (BBC/HBO co-production, 13 hour-long episodes)
SUMMARY: 1973. Gangster Terry Marsh is the undisputed king of Lynchester, a fading industrial city in the north of England. Undisputed, that is to say, except for whoever hired the gunman who shot him three weeks ago -- and Terry's beginning to suspect it was one of his own men. Meanwhile, rock demigod Johnny Marx is coming back to his hometown after spending six months and five continents trying to forget the death of his bandmate, setting off a chain of events that threatens to turn the entire business upside down.

TITLE THEME: The Animals -- House of the Rising Sun

TAGLINE: Take a walk on the wild side.

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So a new show just went up over at the LJ comm (and it's pretty great, if you like "zombies are the good guys" stories!), and it reminded me that I had been meaning to post this for a while now.

The way the "I Surrender!" meme works sometimes means that you have to wait for someone else to do it first. If you're looking to jumpstart the meme again on your own journals, for any reason, here's some language that might be useful:
1. Comment to this post with a basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. I will create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. There will be actor photos, character bios and show synopsis, among other things.
4. Post to your own journal!
Hope everyone around here is doing well. Happy TV show-making!
-Esther, one of your friendly mods
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Name: Against the Darkness
Type: hour-long sci-fi/drama airing on SyFy; summer hiatus show with 13 episodes per season
Premise: underground superhero in steampunk dystopia
Synopsis: Lutetia, the centre of the world. Powerful, rich, sophisticated. Dark, chaotic, collapsing: It's the other face of Lutetia. There's sound of iron chains lining people's heart, and you should be careful about what you think, because the secret police will come to you. But the hope is not entirely lost. A small band of people join together, trying to bring a better tomorrow to the city. To do this, they have to fight the power that be corrupting very corner, expose dark conspiracy and intrigue, and time 's running out.
Theme Song - The Sister of Mercy - A Rock And A Hard Place
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Name: Open Skies
Type: hour-long sci-fi/drama airing on SyFy; summer hiatus show with 13 episodes per season
Synopsis: Captained by gambler and socialite Susannah Cassay, the fancy passenger airship Endymion, which makes trans-Atlantic voyages between the ports of Boston, London, and New York, caters to the rich and powerful, who prefer to travel in comfort and style. Some, like the wealthy Charlie Fulton, prefer this method of travel so much they choose to live on board, renting a permanent room, befriending (and sometimes dating) members of the crew as well as fellow passengers. Others, like the mysterious “Johanna Engall” (whose real name nobody knows) come and go, bringing odd occurrences in their wake. OPEN SKIES chronicles the daily lives of the crew of this ship, their friendships and feuds, as well as their adventures when dealing with unexpected happenings and trying to figure out who or what their Mysterious Stranger may be.
Theme song: Come Sail Away – Styx
Closing credits: changes each week, but always a song by Abney Park; songs usually selected for relevance to the episode’s plot.

Link leads to my LJ.
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title: (Re)Group
premise: The semi-estranged members of a massively popular late '90s boy band go on a reunion tour. Shenanigans ensue.
genre: Comedy/drama
miscellaney: Running time, one hour; twelve episodes in season one.

as long as there's music, we'll be coming back again! )

Tags, por favor?
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Title: Morningstar
Prompt: Mytharchical War in Heaven show
Type: Tragic romance? Ensemble drama?
Starring: George Takei, David Krumholtz, Morena Baccarin, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Jessica Alba, Shannyn Sossamon, Isaiah Mustafa
Opening Credits: On the Turning Away, Pink Floyd
Closing Credits: Faithless, Rush
Synopsis: This is what happens when you break up with God.
For further information: see this post

Show: Fae

Aug. 22nd, 2011 12:33 pm
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Name: Fae
Type: hour-long drama on BBC2
Synopsis: The realm of the faeries is always ruled by a queen. Lately, however, there have been a few upsets in the rule over the faerie realm. First, long-standing queen Sybil was overthrown and exiled by her daughter Brigit; after Brigit ruled for 20 years, she was in turn overthrown and exiled by a former member of her court, Adelaide. Brigit and her children have been exiled to a human city – the same one, in fact, where Brigit sent her own mother 20 years ago. Now, they’re forced to live together, re-learning how to get along with each other while plotting ways to get back their family’s rightful throne. The show focuses on the daily lives of both Brigit’s family, learning to make their ways masquerading as humans in the city, and Adelaide’s family and court, getting accustomed to being in control and fighting to keep the throne they have won.
Opening theme: In Caelum Fero by Karl Jenkins

At my personal journal

Mods, could I get a "show: fae" tag please?


May. 13th, 2011 08:47 pm
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TITLE: Beyond
PROMPT: None. (To tell you the truth, my thought process on this one largely went “Outcasts! So much promise! So much Hermione Norris! And yet... not quite! I FIX NOW. But still with Hermione Norris, because fuck yeah Hermione Norris!” Also it turned into a bit of a Spooks reunion when I wasn’t looking, because I’m predictable like that.)
TYPE: SF drama; 10-episode season on BBC1
TITLE THEME: Brian Jonestown Massacre -- You Look Great When I’m Fucked Up
SUMMARY: A military base on the planet Outbeyond is in the process of adjusting to the arrival of a group of civilian colonists when a bioengineered plague strikes and isolates them from the rest of the galaxy.

Pitch and character teasers. Probably not dial-up-safe, no. )


Apr. 22nd, 2011 01:23 pm
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 PROMPT: from whynot : Superheroing ain't what it used to be. Superheroes are getting disillusioned, giving into the glitz of the paparazzi and reality TV, but there is one hero who still believes in doing good.
TITLE: Unmasked
TYPE: Drama/sci-fi, in 13-episode seasons.
SETTING: 2040, Earth.
OPENING CREDITS SONG: Crash Years - The New Pornographers
CLOSING CREDITS SONG: Help I'm Alive - Metric
SYNOPSIS: Nicole Clary has spent her entire life waiting for this - graduation day and her induction into the ranks of superheroes. She knows the rules inside out - no masks, no secret identities, follow orders. What she doesn't expect is to find that the superheroes the world so looks up to seem more like supervillains up close. At first she just thinks they're too caught up with fame and wealth and power, but it doesn't take long for her to begin to realize that the League has committed horrible crimes in the name of justice and peace. Horrified, she looks for help in an unlikely place - a paralyzed first-generation superhero and her gang of teen masked, unregistered vigilantes.

Unmasked on LJ and DW.
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Prompt: A team of survivors work together to find the components of a magical time-traveling device so that they can prevent the zombie apocalypse which has wreaked havoc on their world for the past seven years.
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama

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Prompt: In the future, two girls take off into space for a reason of your choice and encounter people of different planets. --[ profile] katakokk
Title: Blackout
Type: Hour-long sci-fi drama on Fox: 13 episodes in the first season, 22 in the second.
Title Theme: La Roux -- Tigerlily

It’s 150 years in the future, and what happened to Tacey Bishop isn’t supposed to happen to anyone.

Six months ago, she was an ordinary medical student coming back from vacation with her boyfriend. Six months ago, he disappeared, and her personal data along with him -- according to the databank that tracks the citizens of the Settled Worlds, she no longer exists.

Stranded on Lungbarrow Hub, the galaxy’s biggest transit station, and working in a restaurant for room and board, Tacey’s abandoned all hope of making it home -- until her newest co-worker turns out to be a specialist bounty hunter who offers her a way back to the world, and a chance to find out what happened on the day her life disappeared.

If the people who stole it don’t get to her first.

(I'll take you up, I'll turn you on, I'll take your apathy)
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(crossposted from the LJ version of the comm)

Title: Earl Grey
Show: Underground
Characters: David Murphy, Andrew Langston
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 966
Warnings: angst
A/N: Takes place about 12 years before the beginning of the show. Welcome to my head!canon. (Does it count as head!canon or actual!canon if I'm the one who came up with the show in the first place? I'm so confused)

Once David is moved into his new flat in America, the first thing he does is buy groceries.
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I posted this to the LJ version of this comm, then figured I may as well post it here too.

Title: Underground

Type: hour-long ensemble drama/comedy/spy show. Short first season 1 of 13 episodes; 22 episodes in season 2. The jury is still out as to whether it will be renewed for a third season.

Synopsis: When ex-MI-5-operative-turned-English-professor David Murphy (Stephen Fry) finds out that Christine de Winter (Christina Hendricks), a brilliant, young, successful CEO, has dreams of world domination, what’s he to do? He can’t stop her on his own, so with the help of rich fellow Brit Andrew Langston (Hugh Laurie), he assembles a team of top students from his university to try to stop her. The students, all from different walks of life as well as different disciplines, must put aside their differences to prevent what looks like it could be a hostile takeover.

Opening theme: Instrumental remix-type thing of Within Temptation "Dark Wings"

Closing theme: Instrumental track from Counting Crows "A Murder of One"

Link leads to my livejournal.

Tag request: show: underground, by: uberniftacular
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Prompt: "A nightclub that caters to the supernatural as well as mortals run by an immortal." From [personal profile] jadekirk, here. It's a little switched up, but the basics are there.

Show: Nighthawks
Format: Hour-long neo-noir, Showtime or HBO, 15 episodes per season
Description: Carla and Iris thought they were as prepared as they could be when they opened Nighthawks. Nobody else in Pittsburgh was serving the Verities, and there's money to be had in a niche like that. Not just money, but secrets, and connections. Hang out at Nighthawks long enough, and you may even find what the Verities are here for. Lord knows the Onesies keep trying. There's no saying what that knowledge will get you, though — save for the fact that it's always more than you bargain for.

Ghosts, gods, monsters, myths — it's America, baby. You never know who might show up.

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Prompt: Jedi Drinking Song and Let's Work Together and something with a naming scheme off of trees. Oak, Ash and Thorn as a trio, if not the main characters.
Notes: Goggle was not really working well with me, so you get icons as pictures again. I do hope tht's all right.
Title: Deceptive Lives
Type: Spy drama/humor
Opening Theme: I Know You Know - The Friendly Indians

Synopsis: A somewhat geeky spy drama. There are cons, there are missions, there is awesome tech and there is team love.
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Prompt: An urban fantasy show with Thimble Island by Rasputina as the theme song.

Genre: Fantasy/drama, hour-long format.
Opening theme: Thimble Island -- Rasputina
Synopsis: Every year, angels come of age and, as per an old tradition, are sent to Earth as last trial before adulthood. Left somewhere on Earth to go through a personal ordeal, they stumble their way through dealing with humanity, sometimes make friends, and fight to control abilities that never had this many triggers in Heaven. The story follows four of them through their struggles. In addition, all of them feel a call, pulling them towards parts unknown, a feeling they at first assume is part of the trial, but as events unfold, it starts to look like something else is calling to them, something no one thought actually existed.

Cast. )

Mods, can I have a tag for myself and the show, please?
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Prompt: He's an old-fashioned day-dreaming master criminal. He's a bookish vegetarian librarian with nothing left to lose. She's a pregnant antique-collecting angel. They (and the rest of their team, if you'd like) fight crime! (For whatever definition of crime you'd like.) (Genders changeable. Bonus points for polyamorous relationship.)
Title: Messengers
Type: Fantasy/Humor
Opening Theme: Something lighthearted and instrumental.

Synopsis: An unlikely trio made up of a talented criminal, a librarian who's a little overly possessive of his books and an angel who adores anything pre-1900 team up to do various tasks set out by the deity that takes form as a waitress working at a twenty four hour diner.

Cast list below )
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Prompt: "Scientific-mystery-of-the-week, any genre, set somewhere outside North America (including outer space or whatever)."
Notes: C/Ped from my journal here.
Title: The End Epona.
Genre: Extraterrestrial scientific exploration drama/psychological mystery.
Theme song: Bond - Victory.

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